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Why Brokers Middle East?

Why Use Brokers Middle East?

1- If you're renting:

In Egypt rental market, the broker is traditionally your representative. He or she is working for you and will guide you through such considerations as:

  • Neighborhood and apartment selection
  • Understanding types of leases, including rent-laws
  • Document and financial preparation
  • Landlord negotiation
  • Lease signing

A realtor will save you the time and frustration of running around to see apartments that may not meet your specifications or have already been rented. Brokers have long-term relationships with superintendents and landlords and often have keys to show their apartments. The best realtors are familiar with hundreds of buildings and can advise you on the best layouts available, what is coming up in a particular building, and other inside information.


Perhaps most importantly: There is no cost to you to look at apartments with a realtor, ask all the questions you need to ask, see what's out there, and learn all there is to know about the market.

2- If you're buying:

Educated buyers move quickly!

They know they are in a race for the opportunity to purchase a desirable apartment. They are motivated and prepared. Smart buyers enter the market with their homework done and their finances in order. Following are some of the ways in which a realtor can help you prepare for the important decisions you will face in tackling the sometimes confusing Manhattan market:

  • Choosing where to live: Your realtor can help you learn about transportation, schools, places of worship, and other important considerations when selecting an area in which to live. For an overview of the city's diverse neighborhoods and what they offer.


    Financial overview: Your realtor will help you evaluate your financial profile and establish a suitable budget. He or she can put you in touch with a mortgage broker who will provide you with the necessary information on mortgage rates and terms.

Once you've established a profile with your agent, he or she can also provide you with:

  • Advance notice on new listing opportunities

  • Knowledge of many Cairo boards, what their requirements are, and the personality or "climate" of many such buildings.

  • Cairo building financials: In addition to helping you understand what to look for, your realtor can obtain background financial information, by-laws, and other details about the APT's or condo that are important in evaluating your potential purchase.

3- If you're selling:

Brokers Middle East, provides information, brokerage, and consultation services to landlords and owners as well as the opportunity to join our exclusive database.

Our Sales Department features some of Egypt's top real estate professionals, who will put together an aggressive marketing plan to generate traffic and move your property quickly to closing. Your plan will include comprehensive advertising, extensive web site exposure, cooperative listing exposure through our partner real estate firms, and state-of-the-art technical and graphic tools. Brokers Middle East., is ready to handle your individual apt. or condo unit sale, the sale of an entire building, or a apt. conversion.

People looking to rent are also potential buyers, so you get the benefit of Brokers Middle East.'s unparalleled ability to draw rental traffic, supplementing our sales marketing plan for your property.


Brokers Middle East., offers a variety of services to owners of individual apartment units as well as to building owners. We've been developing these services since 1990 and offer them directly through the Internet as well as in person, at our offices all over the country.


Information Services
Our unique position as a leader in the buying, selling, and renting of the finest residential properties in Egypt gives us unparalleled insight into changing market conditions. Brokers Middle East., is pleased to offer landlords and property owners the following free information services.
Residential Market Analysis
Our extensive database of apartments both on and off the market can provide you with the necessary competitive market information you need to price your property or rental unit accurately. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in assessing your building or unit.
Commercial and Investment Analysis
We can provide comparative analysis of commercial and investment property listings and other market information that can help you optimize your marketing strategy. A free consultation with one of our investment division specialists can save you time and accelerate your game plan.
Business Resources
Our extensive experience in real estate closings, procedures, and legal considerations is available to you with one phone call. We'll gladly share our expertise to help you get your potential deal off the ground.
Neighborhood Profiles
To learn more about an area you're considering for investment or to survey different neighborhoods for comparative reasons, see the Brokers Middle East. complete with area maps, history, demographics, and cultural trends within key Egypt districts.


Why use Brokers Middle East?

Market knowledge...Market experience

Since 1990, Brokers Middle East., has helped their clients rent, buy, and sell tens of thousands of apartments, co-ops, and condominiums, gradually transforming us into one of the largest and most active real estate companies in Egypt. Our unique position as a market leader provides us with unparalleled insight. Our management team brings more than half a century's experience into staff training and supervision. All our highly trained agents will provide you with everything you need to know to find the right apartment/property.


Our listing agents are some of the most well-connected people in the business. With almost two decades of experience, we have researched and established relationships with landlords and management companies in thousands of rental buildings, malls, and condominiums throughout the region.

You can call the chairman, Mr. Ashraf Ezzeldin direct mobile 24h/7 for all consultations  2 0108885444


Not all brokers are created equal!


Brokers Middle East., welcomes all of its clients to our office for a free consultation and survey of the market. Your agent will discuss in detail sale, purchase, or rental costs and the types of buildings, properties, and amenities on the market today. Our agents utilize a wide array of state-of-the-art tools to further your apartment selection process, including an extensive database that is updated throughout the day, and photos and floor plans of many buildings and apartment interiors.


Once you've rented or purchased an apartment/property, our agents can continue to assist you in the final stages of your move. Our Client Services Department will provide you with the necessary phone numbers for phone, gas, electric, and cable services. We can also recommend furniture providing companies, painting and cleaning services, restaurants, financial services, dry cleaners, and more everyday necessities of urban living. 


What makes us unique?


Our full-service approach

For people looking to buy or rent a property in Egypt, our entire business approach is centered on supporting our clients from start to finish--from the initial consultation through lease or purchase contract to move-in. We believe in providing every service necessary to make a new property in Egypt a reality for you. Here's our strategy:

Steps to a Property in Egypt


Know the Market
Before you start to look for a property, it's important to know what you're looking for, and what it takes to get it. Brokers Middle East., is committed to bringing you fully up to speed on everything you need to know to get started on your search for a new home.
Find Your Property
Our state-of-the-art resources and professional staff, combined with one of the most extensive databases of listings available in Egypt, will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and completely.
Make Your Property Fitting

Your Brokers Middle East agent will follow through with essential contacts for such basic utilities as telephone, cable, electricity, and gas. In addition, the Brokers Middle East Services Division (BSD) provides an array of qualified referrals for painting, decorating, plumbing, contracting, moving and storage and such professional services as legal, accounting, and insurance. Everything you need.
  • Our Extensive Resources Brokers Middle East., is your best source for information about Egypt and properties in Egypt. Our vast library of information about different neighborhoods, buildings, types of leases, types of properties, legal considerations in real estate, and more, will be available to you through your Realtors Middle East agent.
  • Our Diversity Reflecting the diversity that makes Egypt a truly unique place to live and work, our agents, managers, and support staff come to us from around the world. To assist our clients relocating from overseas, we offer agents who are fluent in various languages: