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Investors Consultant


Before investing in Real Estate you need many accurate tools to help you take this decision, BSD will provide you acurate market studies, and market analysis and will provide you all the advise you'll need before setting up a succesful invest.

Fund Management
The fund management professionals at Brokers Middle East develop and implement investment solutions across the full spectrum of strategies to deliver targeted returns commensurate with investor risk profiles. These strategies range from core to opportunistic, geographically-diversified to sector-specific or multi-sector, and encompass all levels of the capital structure.
Asset Management & Transactions
Our main goal is to maximize asset and portfolio performance to the benefit of our clients. We are responsible for generating the value that our investor clients expect, through seamless real estate investment and by well-positioned active asset management to enhance their value and liquidity. These experts are deeply rooted in their respective local markets, offering our clients a unique access to relevant market and asset intelligence, deal sourcing networks and first class complementary expertise provided by external partners. 
The Asset Management team provides expertise in: 
Acquisitions & disposals:
The core mission specialists is to source high-quality investment opportunities delivering sustainable performance over time for the benefit of our clients. We deliver due diligence as well as acquisition processes, provide specialist advice on letting activities and structure all disposal transactions.
Strategic asset management:
We strive to create maximum value on behalf of our clients through strategic asset management. We are always an active part of the buy, hold and sell decisions. and proactively elaborate and implement tailor-made value enhancement strategies for every single asset, within the strategic framework defined by the client.
Development and disposals:
Brokers Middle East has an established track record of managing real estate development projects and portfolio strategies, providing our clients with a variety of tailor-made solutions across the whole range of property types and all stages of the development cycle.
Our external partners development architects and engineers create asset value through the combination of architectural quality and innovation with Brokers Middle East strong investment and risk management expertise.

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