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We are a 1st class reliable cement & reinforced steel bars distributer worldwide, our prices is the lowest due to our huge yearly sales assigned quota, our prices is CIF, we use our private shipping vesseles therefore we can "really" ship to AWSP.

We only deal in commodities with an international/British standard, origins from Ukraine, Turkey and Egypt.

We ship quantities from 3000 Mt to millions MT

Send us your contacts and we'll send you our price list and payment and procedures.

Please use the below form to leave us your contacts and what is your point of interest and we'll contact you back shortly.

If you are a commission based brokers and have a serious client and welling to deal with us, we shall guaranty your commission fees before you put your client on our course of business.




Finding a credible supplier of Base Oil, White Spirit, Petroleum Jelly...etc., isn't easy, and finding a legitimate buyer can be just as tough. Brokers Middle East makes it easy through its proprietary database of buyers and sellers. With over 10 years of experience on both sides of the table, Brokers Middle East takes the uncertainty out of securing Petrochemical Products supply contracts.





we have strong relations with reliable crude oil and petroleum products like D2, D6, M-100 and JP54 Sellers, we also need to expand their numbers to offer our Buyers the most acceptable business partner to work with. We also want to increase the list of reliable crude oil Suppliers even more to let our Buyers choose the best solution for them!


We are getting many proposals from new partners everyday, but are only working with the Sellers who can prove that they are reliable partners. The internet is full of fake offers and it is not easy to distinguish from real proposals.

So, if your company is a real and reliable Fuel, SELCO or Light Crude Oil we would like to hear from you to begin negotiations for our mutually beneficial cooperation.
We would like to work with genuine crude oil companies, oil dealersand brokers who have been working in the oil trading business for a long time. 






We supply Sugar from Cane and Beat from Brazil, Thailand and Egypt at large quantities and reduced prices.


UREA 45 



Best Urea Fertilizer from several origins at competing prices. 



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