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Egypt's Guide:


Egypt offers a diversity of tourist attractions. Besides being a multiple resorts for enjoying sunshine and marine sports, it also prides itself on the existence of important monuments and offers religious tourism, mountaineering and desert safari excursions. A few days traveling in Sinai will help you to get acquainted with many facts about a land with a long, fascinating history, its holy places and unique beauty.

Beach And Water-sports

North Coast & Sinai is heaven for sun lovers, water -sport enthusiasts and divers alike. Many beaches provide excellent attractions. Soar through the air and see the beautiful areas of Egypt by parasail. Try a spectacular ride on a banana boat, attempt water skiing or simply watch the Red Sea and the Mediterranean from the comfort of your sun lounger. The options are endless?..!

Diving & Snorkeling

Egypt is home to some of the best dive sites in the world. There is an endless choice of dive centers to choose from - with most centers offering beginner and advanced courses, snorkeling trips and renting of dive equipment.

Desert Life

The Sinai & Western desert is a perfect expedition. There are many fantastic and diverse excursions available. See a snap shop of Bedouin life - discovering their traditions and sampling simple, healthy Bedouin food. For adventure lovers - try your hand at desert quad biking, horse riding or camel trekking in the amazing sandstone desert.