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Live a modern Life in Shikh Zayed villa compound with all facilities and aminities. . .
Grand Heights
The Project of the Century, the bigest in Makka -KSA- facing the Holy Ka'aba, only for investors . .
Al-Maqam Tower - KSA

Brokers Middle & Far East

Word From The Chairman:

Brokers Middle East is widely recognized as a Pioneer in providing Corporates of professional services since 1990, Brokers Middle East is a privately held, Corporate brokerage service provider, Headquartered in New Cairo the heart of business in modern Egypt and influencing the globe.

Our mission is building trust through customer welfare.

Understanding corporate schedule, requirements and procedures is always our solid guarantee to providing accuracy, integrity, dedication and achievements through practicing our inherited code of ethics on the realty services, believing in our depth of knowledge, expertise and commitment at all times to win-win situation.



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